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See refurbished Pro models in our used and offer section - from £1,250 with 5.5M sail.

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Typical comments:

“We love 'em! Blokarts are Brilliant fun. The G forces and speed sensations are great, yet even a novice can be safely up and away virtually instantly.”

“Just try it once and we guarantee you will be hooked.”

“Blokarts are great for just sailing around on dry land, relaxing and enjoying. You will not be able to keep a smile off your face.”

Blokart UK

The award winning Blokart from New Zealand is a superbly engineered, easy to assemble land yacht that is delivered in its own padded case.

Weighing only 27kg all up the easy assembly takes just 5 minutes (no tools required)

Safe and strong. Seatbelt provided.

Various sail sizes allow karting in a wide variety of locations and wind strengths.

And the fun continues with duo and tandem options, standard and pro races,  ice skates and new friends worldwide.

They are user friendly, ozone friendly
and tough.

Able bodied and disabled, male and
female, young and old enjoy and may
compete equally.

14,000 now sold

Popular Options:

Classic with 3m sail £2,054 Offer £1970

Comp with 4m sail £2,803 Offer £2,665

Pro V3 with 5.5m sail £3,044 Offer £2,895

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There are three models of Blokart. They are all the same size and perform the same but are made of different materials.

With a steel chassis the Classic blokart retains strength and performance while sacrificing some stainless steel components and other features for those on a budget.

This is regarded as the 'entry level' kart.  It has a black powder coated, high strength steel frame with a zinc galvanised / polished fork, foot bar and handle bar.  *On our higher specification  version of the new model the floor pan is unpolished stainless steel,the blocks are ball bearing, the aluminium pulley whip is fibreglass, has the same brilliant new spring release backrest, and the same downhaul as on the pro and the new improved suitcase bag. It also features the new stronger 17mm axles and bearings. It does not have the forged fork. So is much improved over our standard previous Classic!

The Comp is made from stainless steel & tough CRMO with zinc protection and powdercoat paint finish. The chassis is silver, powder coated high strength steel with a stainless steel foot bar and handle bar.  The floor pan is heavy duty silver powder coated aluminium.  The fork is the latest 3 piece stainless and aluminium beam fork (stiffer and stronger).  The seat is a quick release version, silver for coolness in the sun!  The downhaul is a clamcleat pulley block unit.

The Pro is 100% polished 304 stainless steel, which is great for beach sailing!

Karts are supplied in their suitcase with a 3m, 4m and/or 5.5m sail (5 colour options) and a fiber glass, carbon or combination glass/carbon mast.

The Pod. Warmer...Dryer...Cleaner...faster...Quickly turns your kart into a stylish, all-weather sailing machine. Reduced drag, improved performance and increased comfort the Pod includes stainless steel nose frame, windscreen, skin and fittings.

Finally there are many Blokart accessories available, all made of superb quality and the subject of careful development.

Here at Blokart UK we have the experience to advise you about which accessories might be suitable for your purposes. Most customers do not race but we regularly compete in the World, European and National championships to stay abreast of developments.

BlokartUK feature on BBC2 COAST Programme May 2013:

Abridged taster (4 minutes) at

Full monty (longer than 4 minutes but lots of interesting features) at

The Indian Army setting off with 35 trained soldiers on a Blokart  land yacht adventure across the Great Rann of Kutch, the largest salt water desert in the world located in north western India.

The Rann covering an area of 18,000 sq kms is an extensive mudflat, salty and creaked inundated during monsoons. Its landscape is parched, desolate and desert like averaging 15m above sea level.

The barren and vast expanse of Rann though provides the ideal terrain for land yachting. However, lack of landmarks, local resources and the sandy terrain devoid of any vegetation pose adequate challenges for adventure seekers.

The expedition was flagged off by Brig Subhash Yadav, Commander Konark Air Defence Brigade this week from Kuarbet, Kutch, and will cover significant places in the sand desert of Kutch exploring various places like Dharmsala, Shaktibet while sailing all the way to Karimsahi and will conclude on Mar 25 2014 covering a distance of approximately 112 kms.

Blokarts are ideal for simply pottering around on your beach - as most users do.

Or you can join the racing fun!

We have attended these events in 2016:

TI Shredders at Thorney Island

French Open at Omaha Beach

European Blokart Cup - Ostend

Barcelona Blokart Cup

Blokart Worlds in Nevada, USA

French Nationals at Berck

B Series at Pembrey

The Brits at Brean

Contact us for details of how to participate

And see further below:

Or if its Adventure you are after we have Blokart users on remote islands, Indian beaches and deserts and the Marakesh steppes

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BlokartUK were again proud sponsors of the 2013 BLSA Blokart European Open and British Championships at Weston-Super-Mare and the 2014 British Champs at Elvington in York. And also the 2016 Brits.